Happy Independence Day Pakistan And India


Happy Independence Day Pakistan And India! 

This midnight of 14th and 15th of August two best friends, true blood brothers got separation and its normal in case of brothers that when they grow up they think they can walk alone and the other one might be burden on his shoulders so separations happened.

But like real brothers, when they live few time without their other part, they realize that they are not complete, Or even if everything is going fine they still feel their blood attraction. So this is all happened to Pakistan and India 68 years ago. and they soon realized that how much they love each other so this celebrate this day with fun and many people like me are always celebrating both days, 14th August and 15 August and always midnight between these two days, I used to think how cool it could be if we will never get separated ever.  But its okay if we are not together but still we are same blood, we are family and we are true lovers, and yeah Thank Allah we are neighbors, isn’t it?

Pakistan and India Shakes hands

Happy Independence Day Pakistan and India, best friends, real blood brothers, true family, and perfect neighbors.

Happy Independence Day Pakistan and India!

Happy Independence day to Pakistan because first Pakistan signed the paper of separation and it was time of 11:55PM of 14 August 1947. And then later Indian signed same paper but now date changed already hehe I heard this funny story but that’s cool because now we can celebrate happiness for two days, Happy Independence Day to India.

You know readers!

In allmakeupstyles.com we have very good team members from Pakistan and India and together we all struggle hard for success of our this platform, we promote each others’ culture. If you notice us then we wished Happy Pakistan Independence Day and then by midnight Happy Independence day to Pakistan and India while by tomorrow 15 August 2014 – You will find well wishes for Happy India Independence Day. So our passion is true for both nationals and we love each other like real family. This is not limited to allmakeupstyles team only, we respect all people in this world regardless they belong to which country or which religion for us being human is enough to call you our family member!

Happy Independence Day Pakistan and India

Pakistan and India flags together in forest means we are always together in all hardships of life.

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