Freelancer Bird – Eye makeup style

Freelancer Bird – Eye Makeup

freelancer bird eye-makeup

Its really a cool idea to have unique style of makeup among all makeup styles, to look different in your friends’ circle.

88_Shimmer_Palette_and_88_Matte_Palette_ComparisonThings required:
1- Wet Tissue paper
2- Base Eye shade
3- matte eye-shades
4- Shimmer eye-shades
5- Eye-brushes
6- black cake liner
7- mascara

How to proceed?
1- take brush size (01) , use white base color to give soft look, starts from exact under eye-brow and come down.
2- Same size brush, take light pink color and start putting from opposite side (eye lashes side to upward) and go till mid.
3- take cotton bud or you may use finger to smudge both colors to fix them in eye skin.

Results should be, light pink starts from eye lashes side to upward and becoming light to white.

Once done as per required results then follow next steps:

4- take matte pink and put it until mid of eye line.
5- take matte and then shimmer purple color and starts from eye lashes to upward (max 2 brush lines), also put it under eye, it must be look out line of eye.

6- get matte colors, and draw few desired colors lines, I taken Orange, Yellow, Red, Light Blue (freelancer color), green and purple.

7- take care when you are following the lines of bird, they must be 3 main corners, head to tail and head to feathers.


Now merge them with smallest finger top. Now check if you can find bird’s look,

now back to eye with liner:
8- wet your 0 point brush with water and get black color from cake liner and draw a line, make it bigger and dark from outer side of eye (opposite side from nose side).

9- take foam bud and merge it very well to make a look that black color is converting into purple shade and then quick pink from down, and from up it should have feeling to come from black to dark purple to dark to light pink and then slow white and clear white till the eye brow line.

10- take light pink color and put inside of eye to give a girlish look to your eye makeup.

Now back to your bird:
get few shimmers, like I love and making freelancer bird so I will highlight light blue color, but you can highlight color according to your dress or any of your favorite color.

for highlighting color:

11- darken then shade by using shimmer color.
12- take (01) size brush and draw few rough lines to give outlines to our bird, keep special care for head part, rest all is fine whatever shape you make just need to have some bird look 😀

Final touches:
13- now put mascara to have attractive eye lashes.
14- use beats, nuts, diamonds or anything you want to use for quick shine look.

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