Artistry essential dark Makeup Kit from Amway

Artistry essential dark Makeup Kit from Amway

Artistry essential dark Makeup Kit comes complete with the essentials you need to create a naturally flawless look.

essentials makeup kit – dark

dark mineral foundation.
dark concealer.
dark colour quad: Discreet, Espresso, and Polished eye colours and Red Earth cheek colour.
Sheer Coverage Lip Gloss in Blackberry.
black essentials mascara.
face and eyeliner brushes.
signature travel bag and how-to guide.


All your makeup needs are in one chic travel bag; you only need to determine which makeup kit is right for you – light, medium, or dark.
Makeup is easy to use and good for your skin.
Concealer boasts antioxidant vitamin E.
Colour quad is mineral-based and enriched with vitamins A and E.
A how-to guide for creating a beautiful natural look is included with every kit.
The right tools – face and eyeliner brushes – are included for creating your essential look with ease.


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