5 Natural makup tips for teenage girls – Indian Ayruveda Remedies

10 successful Indian Ayurveda Natural makup tips  for teenage girls. Below the all tips are based on Ayurveda and ingredients gathered from 100% natural and no chemicals.

5 natural makeup tips-indian ayurvedic makup tips

5 Ayurveda Natural makeup tips:

Tips 1: Turmeric powder, Pure sandal powder , a mixture of olive oil and put it all over the body, wash off after 10 minutes. Two or three times this week and will soften the skin.
Tips2: For natural face Bleaching  – Milk and lemon juice  mixture apply it on the face, the natural way to bleach your face.
Tips 3: Soaking the Mustard in water and rub on Darkening of the knee areas -it will remove the Darkening of the knee.
Tips4 : Are you worried about pregnancy stretch, Mix butter with hot mustard oil and apply on pregnancy stretch marks on belly – follow on month and remove the pregnancy stretch marks on belly.
Tips5: Remove the foot cracks naturally -Heat the mustard oil and apply it to the entire foot, after Sink your feet in warm water to keep 10mins daily in a month.

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