11 proper steps of Mascara Application

Mascara Makeup is a most used makeup style, teenage to all age girls using the mascara on parties,functions and front of the public. Here we leave some tips for proper application of mascara makeup.

11 Proper application of mascara involves eleven main points:

1) The movement of the brush should go from left to right from the base of the eyelashes . That mascara at the base of the lashes, and not ends, creates the illusion of elongation .

2) Brush up on your lashes , while twisting them . Twisting – a key point , since it helps separate the lashes.

3) Close the eye and draw the brush on top of the lashes from base to tip, removing the lumps.

4 ) When applying mascara brush make zigzag movement back and forth – this helps to avoid gluing eyelashes.


5) For bulk cilia apply mascara on the tips first , wait until the layer dries . Then, at the roots of the cilia wait … and then apply mascara as usual you dye eyelashes .

6) If you paint eyelashes , mascara holding vertically , it will give your eyes a more rounded shape.

7) For the effect of the cat’s eyes , pay more attention to the lashes in the outer corner of the eye .

8) Do not let your lashes stick together . Some consider the use of a comb for eyelashes extra wraith . However, for many it has become a perfect make-up device , allowing remove excess mascara from the eyelashes and perfectly separate them.Gluing eyelashes can also be avoided by deleting the excess ink with brush. Wipe off any excess ink with a cloth – then you get rid of the problem already eyelashes stuck together before they make up .

9) Do not neglect the color ink. In applying mascara makeup rules suggest that the black ink is all , however, it may look too gaudy and unnatural on blondes with fair skin . Happy blonde is better to use a dark brown color and black mascara to leave for evening makeup .

mascara brush

10) Before applying mascara powder the areas under the eyes. Sometimes mascara smeared because oily foundation or eye creams . To apply mascara on the lashes at the edges of the eyes, blinked a few times on the brush

11)  Use base for mascara . Base covers lashes and separates them before you have time to apply mascara . Makeup artists recommend using it constantly . But because it takes extra time , you can use the base only on special occasions , or when you have too much time on makeup .


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